What is Data Science?

If you want to learn about data science, you’ve come to the right place!

Data science is a broad field that includes elements of statistics, data analytics, software development, computer programming and visualization.

Recently, demand for data science skills has accelerated greatly across the world as companies create, collect and make sense of data from a wide variety of sources.

To gain insights into these vast quantities of data, data scientists use computer software such as R, Python, Stata and SPSS, as well as visualization tools including Tableau and QGIS.

These programs have numerous capabilities to process, prepare and analyze data for business, scientific and government applications.

While these computer programs may seem very complicated at first, regular people across the world have developed skills in data science without paying for an expensive degree or having genius-level IQ scores.

Here at Data Science for Anyone, we truly believe that anyone can learn data science skills that they can put to work in their current job, in a new career path or during formal schooling in a college or university.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out our many free data science and statistics resources at the top of the page and across our site. To get started right away, we recommend our article, Anyone Can Learn Data Science and Statistics, and our how-to guide to Installing Statistical Analysis Programs.

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For beginner or more experienced data scientists looking for data to download, don’t miss our listings of Downloadable Datasets to work with in R, Python, Stata or SPSS, which includes both individual-level data from people and aggregated data from larger areas such as neighborhoods, cities and states.

If you are interested in collecting your own data, we have a curated page of Online Survey Data providers with detailed pros and cons of each company’s web-based survey tools and research platforms.

Welcome to your data science journey!

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